effective, enjoyable parenting through coaching


I got some really good tools-Ones I haven’t seen before & that gives me concrete direction. The whole 2 hrs were very productive & got me from stuck to excited and gave me hope again.
Bath, ME

Thank you for all your help, your course was the catalyst  I needed to get my gears greased and moving again!! I have been overjoyed with all the positive changes taking place in my life …

Kathy has a gentle coaching style that leads to strong results. I speak with her weekly but can feel her rooting for me in between our chats. I need help to distinguish a career path and I am amazed at the clarity she has helped me to achieve. My short term goals are being met and beyond that, I’m seeing my fears in a different light. Before Kathy, I was debilitated by long term dreams and now I have hope with my coach by my side!”
Emily, MA

I attended one of Kathy’s parenting workshops with no more expectations other than to meet other people in a similar situation and improve my understanding of the subject, parenting teens. I was so pleasantly surprised by the depth of knowledge, compassion, and understanding that Kathy brought to all aspects of the class. She would listen intently, take time to really hear what it was she was being asked and as a result, she was able to enhance my experience with thoughtful, encouraging responses that would allow me to search within myself for the answers.
Sylvie S, MA

I really got a lot out of the class. You have a great way of facilitating a group. I’m impressed by how well you listen and then are able to ask personally focused questions to gain more understanding.

Kathy has provided me with the support that I needed to face a number of challenges in my life.  Her uplifting attitude, compassion, insight, and guidance helped me to move forward and build stronger relationships with my family.  She also provided a number of useful resources that helped me to better understand family dynamics and positive approaches to the challenges that I am facing.